Why do I travel?

During my years I have made a lot of friends all over the world through school, travelling, friends, and even the Internet. For me travelling is a very different concept than to a lot of people. I do not really care about all the landmarks, museums, touristy places that most of the people go to visit. I see nothing wrong with that but for me the more important aspect of travelling is the local culture. Many cities such as London do offer many different kind of tours if you want to experience the city quick but efficiently. History is obviously an important part of understanding the culture but the day to day life is something that interests me more. I like to know where people go and what they do on their on their free time, and just to talk with them to understand them. I also like to get theatre tickets where I can as it is something that interests me.
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Amun the King of the Gods….

When I was at school, I remember learning about the Egyptian Gods and thinking that is was all a myth. But when I went to Egypt recently I never realised just how prominent they were in Egypt's history, especially Amun the King of the all Gods and the most powerful of all of them. I would really encourage anybody to go and visit Egypt because it is such a contrast to our society and experiencing their culture, food and of course the pyramids. Go ahead and experience an Egypt Holiday.

City Break

Want to spend a perfect day in London but find the city overwhelming? As
this blog is a forum to share travel experiences but also a
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After a night out, a nice central B&B will complete your stay in town. Gift-tours takes
care of that and includes a nearby hotel in the price you pay, for example Hyde Park Tower Hotel, Citadines Holborn or Berjaya Eden Park.

If on the otherhand you are looking for a city break outside of London, why not grab a Late Deal and choose from a range of fantastic city destinations!

Try something a little different…

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same routine? Do you need a break from everyday life and want to do something completely new without having to fork out too much money for it?
I felt like this, but I decided to do a Dubai Holiday and it was the best thing I could've done to break this cycle. With it's great weather, bars and restaurants, it really was a fantastic getaway for me and my partner and who can resist for these prices!

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I’m in this very moment making my plans for this summer’s travelling and I can’t
decide whether I want to go around Europe by train again or if I’d rather
go backpacking in for example South America. Last summer’s rout went from
Berlin to Dubrovnik via Prague, Vienna and Split so maybe I should go
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first week- a kick start

Last week I started my mission, which seems rather like a mission impossible when I think of the 2 hours I want to run in 2 months. With my strong aim not to overdo it (what is kind of difficult, because I tend to extremes!) I ran  only 3 times for 15 minutes the last week and, yes, I was good! I survived these 15 minutes without stopping! Admitted, I am really proud of me. Continue reading