The Jack the Ripper Tour in London

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Londons Jack the Ripper Sightseeing Tour Londons Jack the Ripper Sightseeing Tour Londons Jack the Ripper Sightseeing Tour

The Jack the Ripper Tour: The Ultimate Murder Mystery

The Jack the Ripper Tour begins with a bus drive to the dark side of London. You will get an idea of London's east End and whitechapel where all the murders took place. But first you will discover Old Bailey where numerous public hangings took place and the Royal London Hospital where the famous Elephant Man lived. Visitors also see the Wallace Plaque where William Wallace (Braveheart) was tortured. The tour guide reveals tales of gangland warfare, great train robbers and butcherous barbers.

As the shadows lengthen, you will approach London's East End. Known as a place of crime and vice in the 19th century, London's East End is well known for one of the most notorious murderers of all time. During the autumn of 1888, terror reigned as Jack the Ripper came out of the fog and dimly lit alleys just long enough to stalk and murder his victims. At this point, you will leave the bus and walk his death trail. You will inspect the murder sites, investigate the evidence and discuss the suspects. The murders of Whitechapel in London have been a subject for fiction ever since. Discover the original places you may know from novels or films on the Jack the Ripper Tour London. To this day, the Jack the Ripper case remains unsolved. Join and investigate the case yourself! Who was Jack the Ripper?

After tracking London's Jack the Ripper, visit the warmth of the Sherlock Holmes Pub to have a nightcap. The pub is not only a great place to get a nightcap, but you can also enjoy a traditional fish and chip supper while viewing the large collection of the investigator's memorabilia. Along with the pub,there is a museum dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous fictional hero detective Sherlock Holmes.

Sightseeing and Attractions in London Sightseeing and Attractions in London
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